All cupcakes are gluten free! Made to order in a non-certified gluten free kitchen (every precaution taken to eliminate allergens).


Gluten Free Cupcakes and Frosting Could Contain* : 

All purpose Gluten Free Flour Mix (brown, white, and sweet rice flours, tapioca and potato starch, Sorghum flour, cornstarch, Xanthan gum), whole eggs, unsweetened Almond milk, oil, white sugar, flavoring extract, salt, fresh strawberries, brown sugar, allergen free chocolate, vanilla/chocolate almond milk, cinnamon, vegan butter (contains soy), coffee, coconut milk/flakes, cacao powder, salt, baking powder, baking soda, canned pumpkin, lemon, limes, Red 40, Maple syrup/flavoring, allspice, palm shorting, nutmeg, cloves, bacon, sunflower oil/lecithin, pea protein, sea salt, gellan gum, filtered water gluten free cookie crumble.

Please ask for specific ingredient on cupcake flavors upon ordering. 

*Subject to change at any time, but will always remain gluten free